3D Landscape Design - Virtual Reality

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3D Virtual Reality walkthroughs provide a better understanding of the final landscape. It is a whole new concept that is in vogue nowadays - that of walkthroughs. Sitting with our designer in front of the computer allows our clients to move through their landscape and study it as if they were actually present within it or looking at it from inside their house. Some benefits of 3D design include:

  • Client gains the opportunity of viewing it from every angle
  • Design flaws that could otherwise have been overlooked can easily be identified
  • Gap is identified between the client’s vision and the designers understanding

2D Landscape Design with 3D Rendering

Design shows the layout of the landscape features as well as 3D Renderings of different angles.

2D Landscape Design Construction Markup

Construction markup drawings ensure Mallette Landscaping work crews position the landscape design features as per the landscape design.

Our clients can utilize our Change Order process to modify the design during construction if the need arrises.

Finished Hardscape Phase 1

This is a brief aerial video of completed phase 1 of the design / construction.

Next Step

Initially a meeting between a prospective client and a senior management representative from Mallette Landscaping and Pools will take place at the clients location to get to know each other and understand the function and scope of potential project. We share our detailed design / proposal process with our client and mutually determine the next steps.

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